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Ohio's Backpacking Trails...
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Metro Park Trails
  Twin Valley Backpack Trail
State Park Trails
  Burr Oak Backpack Trail
  Caesar Creek Perimeter Loop Trail
  East Fork Backpack Trail & Steve Newman
  Worldwalker Perimeter Trail

State Forest Trails
  Mohican Park & Pack Sites
  Shawnee Backpack Trail
  Tar Hollow Logan Trail
  Zaleski Backpack Trail
Wayne National Forest Trails
  Archers Fork Trail
  Vesuvius Backpack Trail
  Scenic River & Greenwood Trails
  Symmes Creek & Morgan Sisters Trail
  Wildcat Hollow Trail
Ohio's Long Trails
  American Discovery Trail
  Buckeye Trail
  North Country Trail

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Trail News and Alerts...
News and late-breaking alerts that may affect your hike.
Get Involved...
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How to Build a Campfire...
Steps describing how to build an ethically clean campfire that burns hot, bright and thoroughly.
Knotty Talk...
Knot tying skills are essential for the backpacker or camper. We've compiled a short list of valuable resources from the Net. Videos included.
The Complete Technical Guide to Hiking and Backpacking in the Buckeye State...
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Hocking Hills Cabins

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